Tips for Tree Trimming and Lawn Maintenance in Surrey

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Does your lawn look as good as it could? How about the trees in your yard? Yard maintenance is not always easy, and tree trimming and the like can be as natural to you as breathing or it can be very difficult and challenging. Tree cutting is dangerous if not done correctly, so while you may be considering doing your own tree trimming in Surrey, that might not end up being the reality.

One good thing about tree trimming is that the difficulty level can vary. You may have smaller branches to trim and the dead weight of them is so minimal that you can use some basic pruners or clippers with gloves and be done with it. In other cases, the limbs might be very large and you are looking at a situation where you definitely have to be up on a ladder with a mechanical chainsaw in order to be getting rid of limbs effectively.

Tips for Tree Trimming and Lawn Maintenance

Tree Trimming Tips

– Do not cut off tree limbs or do trimming when a storm is expected. If you live in an area that has a tornado or hurricane alert, avoid cutting the tree limbs because they will turn into projectiles and basically weapons that are flying through the air.
– If you are not going to hire someone to trim your tree, then be sure that you are able to do it yourself. Some people have very poor results when it comes to physical labour or situations that could be potentially dangerous.
– Wear gloves when you are trimming any tree to help you get traction and have a good grip on the limb.
– Support yourself by putting your weight on your feet. Particularly if you are on a ladder, you don’t want to place your weight even remotely on the limb you are trimming because once it goes down, you will too.
– Have someone stabilizing and holding a ladder at the bottom if you are going to be using one, if at all possible.
– If you are trimming small trees close to the ground, place a tarp down. That way when you are done you can gather all the light branches in one bundle for easy cleanup.
– Don’t pursue tree cutting if you are older or have a history of accidents. Instead, call someone for tree trimming in Surrey and they will come help you out.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

– Run your sprinklers every so often in the dry seasons. Even if you don’t like to use your sprinklers, it will help keep your lawn green and prevent it from drying out.
– Plant more seed for grass if you have to. Sometimes bare patches develop and you can fill them in with some new grass, similar to hair replacement surgery.
– Cut your grass to the point where it’s getting a haircut but isn’t going to die. Some people set their mowers so that the blades cut very short.
– Get a lawn maintenance company to help you out if you’ve tried everything but your lawn just isn’t rising to the occasion. It’s a time saver and worth the money.

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