Tips on taking care of your trees in Coquitlam

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Tips on taking care of your trees

Trees, just like anything in nature, need to be taken care of in order to thrive. It is never enough to just plant a tree and expect that it is going to do well. Taking care of trees is much more than doing tree shaping in Coquitlam, it is an involved process that can take years and needs constant input. Techniques such as crown reduction can be used when taking care of grown trees, but what about smaller trees? Or trees that you have planted yourself? That is where we are going to start.

Taking care of newly planted trees

Trees planted within the last three years need constant water and care if you would like to see them thrive. Neglecting to do this can hinder the growth of the tree and make it susceptible to pests and diseases. Although it might look like time-consuming work, taking care of trees requires at most 30 minutes of your time every week.

Start with watering, mulching and protecting

Young trees need around 25 gallons of water per week. This equals 1.5 inches of rainfall. Now, if you live in areas without a whole lot of water, you might want to prevent runoff and wastage of water. One of the best ways to do this is to turn the water low and leave the hose pipe at the base of the tree. This allows the water to trickle deeper into the soil, thereby ensuring the tree has more water, preventing runoff and ensuring only a very small amount of water evaporates during the watering.

Arborists also advise placing 5-gallon buckets with holes at the base of the tree. You can then fill them up anytime the water gets low. This works the same way as using a 25-gallon slow release watering bag that does what its name suggests.

Mulching is another great way to keep your trees watered while helping suppress weeds. Using natural materials such as leaves and grass is best, with arborists suggesting that you make a 3-foot ring of 3-inch thick mulch leaving a 3” space around the tree.

Taking care of grown trees

Installing a tree guard is a good way to keep the tree safe from being cut down or snapped if it is still young. Pruning and trimming is an area a lot of people would rather call a professional for, but you can always do it yourself. Use the right tools when doing tree shaping in Coquitlam. This will reduce the amount of stress you place on the tree when it loses some of its branches.

Clean, sharp tools work best, with arborists advising that you cut to a lateral branch, a bud, or main trunk. Just ensure not to leave stubs. When pruning, ensure that you cut to the outside of the upstretched branch collar, as it contains all the chemicals the tree needs to prevent against pathogens. These chemicals are also paramount to the tree’s ability to form woundwood. When doing crown reduction, ensure to not take more than 20% of the tree at a time to prevent stress and growth suppression. If you wish to do so, do it in successive years.

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