Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Electrician in Edmonton

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Commercial establishments will need the services of commercial electricians from time to time. Much like all other technicians or specialty service providers, not all electricians are equal. When seeking to use the services of commercial electricians in Edmonton, it is always useful to have a good idea of what to consider when hiring these service providers before contracting their services. The insight offered in this article will help you make the right decision when hiring an expert for electrical installations or electrical repair services. Before hiring a commercial electrician, first ensure that they are up for the job.


There are certain licenses expected for commercial electricians in Edmonton. A license shows that a commercial electrician is legitimately in business and that they have met all the basic requirements in this industry. Ask to see a license and ensure that the documents presented are current and genuine. There are many scammers out there acting as genuine electricians and the only way to avoid them is ensuring that you hire a licensed contractor. Besides, it is easy to do follow ups later on in case there is a problem with the electrical repair services offered by the contractor.


You should not have to worry about making an insurance claim in case an accident occurs when the electrician is working on your property. The best commercial electricians in Edmonton are licensed and insured, which gives you complete peace of mind. Hire an electrician who has both workers’ compensation and liability insurance policies. This way, you are protected from assuming liability in case of an accident leading to employee injury or property damage.

Ongoing Training

You do not want an electrician who only completed the bare minimum required to get certified working on your property, but the best of the best. Demand proof that a potential commercial electrician attends ongoing training programs. If you are hiring a big company, ensure that their technicians attend ongoing training.

Workmanship Guarantee

The work performed by a commercial electrician on your property should always be guaranteed. Avoid commercial electricians who do not offer outstanding workmanship guarantees. Look around and compare warranties provided by different electricians to get an idea of what the best service providers back up their electrical repair services with. If an electrician does not guarantee their services, this could a sign of lack of confidence in the quality of service they provide.

Convenient Working Hours

Choose a commercial electrician whose working hours are convenient for you. If your commercial building is always busy during business hours, hire an electrician who can provide electrical repair services in the evening or over weekends. If possible, hire an electrician who is available around the clock in case an electrical emergency arises at night.

Positive Customer Reviews

Finally, look around online for client reviews on a potential electrician. Read both positive and negative reviews to have an idea of what other clients think of the quality of service provided by a service provider you are interested in. Reliable commercial electricians in Edmonton will have many positive customer reviews.

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