Storage Containers and Trailer Rentals in Toronto

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Whether you are working at a remote worksite and need a place to store your equipment and supplies or you are involved in an import or retail business and need a safe place to keep your valuables during transportation, trailers and storage containers could be just what you need. Storage containers might also come in handy in case you need short-term on-site storage either for your home or business.

Storage Containers and Trailer Rentals in Toronto

If you are in Toronto and need temporary on-site storage or somewhere you can park your trailer, there are companies that can help. They usually offer different types of containers and trailers, which makes it possible for you to find one that will suit your needs. They normally work with leading brands in the industry to provide the best quality products. Whether you are looking for dry van trailers or flat beds in Toronto, these companies can help. They offer:

  1. Flat Bed Trailer Rentals

Flat bed trailers usually offer a very versatile method of transportation. For instance, a typical flat bed trailer usually offers different options for loading as well as unloading. In addition, it also offers great versatility in terms of the kinds of loads it is able to haul. Having open sides and without the back, the trailer can easily be loaded using a forklift from virtually any side. It is an ideal trailer for carrying equipment, machinery and more. If you are looking for suppliers of quality flat beds in Toronto, these companies can help.

  1. Dry Van Trailer Rentals

These are fully enclosed trailer units, which usually offer superior protection from weather elements during transportation even though they can be loaded only through the back side. If you want to load them with ease, you can simply take them to the loading dock and load them using either a pallet jack or forklift. Some of them are equipped with the lift gate just in case the loading dock is not available. However, having a roof and sides, these trailers are limited on what they are able to carry.

  1. Storage Containers

Unlike trailers, which have axles and wheels for easy towing, containers, on the other hand, are basically shipping boxes which need to be loaded before transportation. The units usually offer very safe and secure protection of items from the elements, and they can also be equipped with different amenities and accessories like shelving, for easier organization and security features like steel locking arms for extra security. Their hard steel sides usually offer optimal protection of your items from extreme weather or theft.

These companies can also offer you ample and very convenient storage for either your container or trailer in case you do not have enough space on your property to accommodate them. In addition, these companies also have an assortment of used containers and trailers that they normally sell. If you have an older trailer that you no longer need, you can also sell it to them for extra income. Whether you are looking for suppliers of quality storage containers or flat beds in Toronto, these companies have what it takes to meet your needs.

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