Scaffolding in Langley – Your Reliable Partner During Construction

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Construction involves workers, heavy equipment, transport vehicles, and other necessary materials like steel rods, blocks, cement bags, scaffolding, etc. Whether you’ve won a contract to erect a 10-story shopping mall or you simply want to do some minor renovations on your roof, it’s quite important to have some fundamental knowledge about Langley scaffolding. This is a rudimentary structure that helps workers to have safe and convenient access to the intended jobs and it’s widely used in the construction industry. It’s also used in factories, to some extent. The use of scaffolding requires maximum protection, supervision, etc, as failure to do so might result in injuries and fatalities. Incidents also contribute to downtime, effects to the environment, and countless other aspects of our personal and professional lives.

International Guidelines
Not only is it important to buy or rent the right type of scaffolding, but also to ensure that workers are safe. Research shows that over 70% of construction workers worldwide frequently use scaffolds. Therefore, don’t be surprised to learn that some of the most common accidents on construction sites involve injuries related to scaffolds. There are several standards that must be met by a company that offers scaffolding rental, for instance, the British Standard (BS), the U.S. OSHA Standard, and the Australian Standard, just to name a few. These standards provide a definitive guide to the relevant construction and safety requirements right from day one of building a scaffold to the completion of a construction project. The following are some of the issues that should be observed considering the risks associated with the construction, usage, and maintenance of Langley scaffolding.

=: Removal of working platforms without informing other workers or the site foreman.
=: Removal of ladders, hand rails, and toe boards from their intended places.
=: Poor stacking of materials and tools.
=: Removal of braces at the platform levels.

Categories of Scaffolds
There are two categories of scaffolding rental in Langley – fixed and mobile scaffolds. Fixed scaffolds are erected alongside a building and remain in place until they are dismantled for moving and reassembling in another location. Mobile scaffolds are similar to fixed scaffolds, but they contain wheels or rollers that simplify their portability from one location to another. The rollers are used to help the entire structure or its working platforms to achieve horizontal and vertical motions. So, you don’t need to dismantle anything. Mobile scaffolds also have a locking mechanism to keep the structure in a fixed and stable position.
The Best Material Used for Scaffolds

Though many different types of materials can be used to make a scaffold, aluminum is popularly used for the Langley scaffolding because it is not only strong, but also lightweight. An aluminum scaffold is easier to move from one location to another than steel scaffolds. Safety is a very important factor, and sometimes heavier scaffolds are inappropriate for some jobs. If you didn’t know that an aluminum scaffold is ideal for your construction activities, ask an expert who offers scaffolding rental for their recommendation. However, aluminum scaffolds are usually pretty expensive, so be ready to spend a lot of money in order to have it on your construction site.

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